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“A Journey of Adoption and Healing Part 1: How Adopting A Child Healed My Own Heart”

See Page 8 for my Article
Published June/July 2019 in Radiance Magazine.

“Going Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy to Release Sexual Trauma”

See Page 28 for my Article
Published April/May 2019 in Radiance Magazine.

“Meeting the Energies of the Future”

See Page 52 for my Article
Published February/March 2019 in Radiance Magazine.

“Defining Your Inner Truth: Exploring Pain Reveals Your Truth”

See Page 21 for my Article
Published May/June 2018 in Radiance Magazine.

“When it’s time for a Shaman”

See Page 16 for my Article
Published September/October 2018 in Radiance Magazine.

“Healing Children: The Alternative Way”

See Page 16 for my Article
Published November/December 2018 in Radiance Magazine.

“Boundless Energy in Children”

Published December 2014 in the Karuna Journal: a publication dedicated to individuals, families, and teachers in all forms, around the globe whose lives are touched by disability.

“Regression Therapy with Children: Birth and Prenatal Trauma”

Published July 2012 in Therapist Magazine.


Christine Alisa, M.S. is a traditionally based clinician and an Alternative Therapist. Her innovative work with adults, families, adolescents, and therapists moves people through an effective, transformational process uncovering and clearing issues of abuse and trauma.


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Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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