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“I personally loved the workshop. As expected, it accessed the emotional brain in an interesting way! It was amazing to witness and experience how this access was unfolding throughout the session. Thank you, Christine.


“Great course. I looked forward to each day. Well constructed and planned. Enjoyed connecting with other healers. Very in depth and hands on. I learned much more by taking an active role in the class with the many practical activities for interactive therapy.”
Maryanne Rodgers

“Profound, informative and rewarding experience. I had no idea it would be this much fun, heart touching and learning about self; to relive, re-experience and make closure with things kept in the unconscious.”
Diana Villalobos

“Enjoyment, fun deep knowledge, patience, companionate, deep love… Those are the observations from regression with children workshops of Christine Alisa. We nee to heal our inner children for better future, we need to heal our inner child to get complete and integrated soul. That is why, what Chris is doing really crucial work.”
Tulin Etyemez Schimberg Unicorn Transformational Studies, Turkey

“This course showed me again how being present with your client (adult or child) can bring them to a great therapeutic release and healing.

The most useful learning for me was further releasing of my natural desire to save the client by giving advice or removing them from painful situation. Being there for them through trauma requres courage and special compassion .”

Aidarkhanova Zhanna

“The class was full of active translating of all feelings that clients have in their memories. It was full of actions that were not always expected.. (it was a new process for me).. It was very atttached to the real feelings (inside of the client).”
Rana Al-Nabulsi

“This course was very deep and integrative. It included many alternative methods of helping clients. It was very experiential and allowed practice time as therapist and client. I would recommend this course to other healers looking to help with childhood trauma and past lives.”
Shannon Nemzer

“Regression with children was a big thing on my mind. I was quite afraid to work with children before I joined with a workshop with Chris. She removed away all of my hesitations with her techniques. I feel more confident now. Child regression is very sensitive work. I am surely aware of it. But, I have more courage now… Thanks Chris”
BG, workshop participant

Violet Oaklander, Ph.,D. with Christine Alisa, MS
Author of Windows to Our Children World Renowned Child Therapist

See the Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation

Chris has presented at the following conferences and congresses:


  • “Gestalt Therapy With Children Who Have Experienced Trauma” IVAT 14th Hawai’i International Training Summit. Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute FVSAI Hawai’i Branch in Honolulu, Hawai’i March 28-30, 2017.
  • “Clay Play Saves the Day” International Hypnosis Federation Convention, IHF in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA March 3-5, 2017.
  • “Past Life Therapy with Children and Adolescents” Pre-Conference Training October 2nd & 3rd, 2014 for the World Congress of Regression Therapy 5- WCRT5 Mind Healing Body, Body Healing Mind in Regression Therapy in Porto, Portugal October 5- 8 2015.
  • https://www.regressioncongress.org/previous_congresses/wcrt5/pre-congress-courses.html
  • “Past Life Therapy With Children and Adolescents” Workshop for the EARTh Annual Convention Femininity, Masculinity and Sexuality in Estonia July 7-12, 2013.
  • “Keynote Speech: Past Life Therapy and its Impact on Children,” and Workshop: “Birth Trauma Therapy With Children.” And a Past Life Therapy Demonstration with an adolescent at the Past Life. For PLRC2-ARRR (Past Life Regression Conference 2 – The Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research) Integration in Hyderabad, India August 3 – 5, 2012.
  • ARRR-PLRC2-2012 (Past Life Regression Conference 2 – The Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research) Pre-Conference Training: Past Life Therapy with Children Hyderabad India August 1-2 2012.
  • “The Time is Now – Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents” Workshop for World Congress of Regression Therapy 3- WCRT3  Reconnecting in Mangaratibam Rio de Janeiro, Brazil September 4 – 6, 2008.
  • “How Children Can get Ahead Start on Clearing Karmic Patterns and Reach Their Highest Potential” Workshop for IAART Annual Conference Reincarnation, Karma and Forgiveness: Soul Evolution in Millbrae, CA May 30 – June 1, 2008.
  • “Regression Therapy with Children” Workshop for IARRT Annual Conference Spiritual Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation in Colorado Springs, CO  July 1-4, 2004.
  • “Regression, Gestalt and Play Therapy for Children and Adolescents” Two Workshops for
  • First World Congress of Regression Therapy 1– WCRT1 Expanding the Scope of Therapy in the Netherlands  June 19 -22, 2003.

Christine has presented the following Workshops & Trainings


  • “Three Day Training “Regression Therapy with Children” CENTRO ITALIANO D’IPNOTERAPIA REGRESSIVA, Allison Lee Axinn, Hypnotherapeutic Training School Organization, www.cidir.it, Pietrasanta, Italy, March 9-11, 2017
  • Three Day Training “PORTALS: Healing Course for Therapists & Healers” Christine Alisa, Peace through Metamorphosis, Long Beach, CA ,October 7-9, 2016
  • Two Day Training “Past Life Therapy with Children and Adolescents” Unicorn Transformational Studies Istanbul Turkey April 4, 5 2015
  • Intermediate Training in Gestalt and Past Life Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents, Almasoma, Lisbon, Portugal, March 27-30 2015
  • “Past Life Regression Therapy with Children and Adolescents,” Almasoma Lisbon Portugal, Sept 26-29.
  • “Pre-natal, Birth, Past Lives & Family Issues Can Be Healed,” at the Crystal Matrix Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Aug. 23, 2013, ( 2 hrs.)
  • “Past Life Therapy with Children,” Pre-Conference two day training, Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research, Past Life Regression Conference 2, Hyderabad, India, Aug. 1 – 2, 2012
  • “Birth Trauma with Adults”, experiential training,” based on the Netherton Method of Past Life Therapy, Almasoma group/Mario Resende, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2 -4, 2009
  • “Carving New Paths for Children: Children and Adolescent Therapy Presentation,” ILWU-PMA Alcoholism/Drug Recovery Program, Coordinator Training Program, San Pedro, CA, USA, April 21, 2009, (1½ hr.)
  • Carving New Paths for Children, Children and Adolescent Therapy Presentation. ILWU-PMA Alcoholism/Drug Recovery Program Coordinator Training Program. San Pedro, CA., April 21 2009.
  • “Supporting the Children: Regression Therapy and Gestalt Therapy with Children and Adolescents.” A Two Experiential Training at Crystal Matrix Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Oct. 16 & Nov. 20, 2004.
  • “Past Life Therapy…A Portal to Happiness,” a presentation at the Parapsychology Club, Laguna Woods, CA, USA, June 5, 2003, (1½ hrs.)
  • Trainer of Past Life Therapy with adults including consultations and supervision to regression students in Newport Beach, California, USA, 1993- 1997.
  • Co-trainer with Morris Netherton on Past Life Therapy with adults to regression students in California, USA, 1991- 1993.


Christine Alisa, M.S. is a traditionally based clinician and an Alternative Therapist. Her innovative work with adults, families, adolescents, and therapists moves people through an effective, transformational process uncovering and clearing issues of abuse and trauma.


Christine Alisa, M.S. MFT21144
Alternative Therapist

295 Redondo Ave., Suite 203
Long Beach, CA 90803

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