I was inspired to write this piece as an expression of myself. It is dedicated to the  clients who have crossed my threshold.

The words are coming out of my mouth but I am not thinking them. They are old words, new words and unexplained words. They come from places I’ve been and places I have not been. There is a knowing, a resolve, a connection to the unspoken realms.

The student asks, “How am to attain the goals I want to achieve?”

I answer with the kindness of understanding and the meditation of the moment. “Be in yourself and not of yourself. We seek until we are done.”

These words flow and meet the student where she is and yet I feel a searching inside myself. Go deeper into the past, her past. Hand her wisdom that comes from her own journey. Meet her at her sacred highest self.

Yet I know that I am also bringing my inside self to the connection we have made.

The student asks, “What has been your journey, teacher?”
I tell her about the misconceptions I held about myself where I was wrapped in the old parental debris and how my true self is clamoring to be seen. I share with her the feeling of standing on my own without the tendrils of past life vines crippling me. The shedding of old pain is a remarkable journey.

I speak to her with tenderness when I say, “Now I stand tentative but free, open to the real me, the shaman. The sensation feels much like my old sewing machine that sits there loyal and ready for me to create again, this time a new cloak to match the pieces that I have been re-stitching into the fabric of my new life.”

She is on her path of healing creating her own mantle. My highest self has met her in my selflessness as we set upon her journey discarding the old on her voyage of the body, mind and soul. The spirits join us revealing the old words, the new words and visions from the other realms. We are connected as one in the revealing.

Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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