Creating Harmony in Family Life Part I

This is a first in a series about how to create more harmony and relaxation in your family. I describe in detailed the EFT or Tapping (for more info:) method that can be done with children or adolescents. When we have stress the Amygdala part of the brain secretes...

My New Book Is Now Available!

I’m happy to announce that my book, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Communicating With Your Teenager Book: 15 Essential Steps to Creating A Better Relationship with Your Teen  is currently available for purchase! For one day only on January 28 it will be available for...

Quote of the Day

  Come and learn new ways to thrive in your practice and start making even more impactful change for your clients. You leave with a greater understanding of Alternative Therapy solutions that will open pathways to great success. **RSVP and buy your ticket for...
Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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