Gestalt Therapy With Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Her innovative work with adults, families, children and therapists moves people through an effective transformational process uncovering and clearing issues of abuse and trauma. In private practice for over 25 years, she facilitates a process that stretches the boundaries of conventional therapy and opens pathways to new methods and solutions for impactful healing results

Dual experiences where the therapist creates something out of clay or draws her own picture or creates a sand tray scene as the child is working based on the child’s issue.

Learn a therapeutic process used with children and adolescents that release the unconscious experiences of abuse and trauma. My storytelling technique allows children to have a safe distance from past traumas while still uncovering the forgotten memories & sources of their destructive behavioral patterns. An interactive experiential exercise using clay will create a deeper understanding of the alternative process.


Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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