What is Alternative Therapy vs. Traditional Therapy?

1.  Often with traditional therapeutic techniques – the client is either moving too slowly or making little progress.

2.  Traditional Therapy avoids the significance of birth trauma and how that impacts relationships.

4.  With Alternative Therapy trauma is addressed from many different angles including how it impacts the body and where the unconscious patterns lies.

5.  Alternative Therapy has faster and longer lasting results.

Do any of these sound like you? 

•  You feel the need to make major breakthroughs with your clients.

• You feel like you come to an impasse with your clients’ who are experiencing anxiety and depression.

• You want to find another way to successfully help your clients’ who have phobias.

• You interested in working with children and feel that you’ve never felt confident to do some deep work with them?

• Are you feeling like your therapy practice is not thriving enough and would you like to learn alternative methods to bring about a more robust practice?

Then you are in the right place. In this workshop you will learn:

• The differences between Alternative Therapy vs. Traditional Therapy.

• What Alternative Therapy means and the impact it has on clients’.

•Success Cases that describe how Alternative Therapy has been so impactful.

•The ‘stuck scenarios’ that therapist get caught in and how Alternate Therapy can empower the therapist.

•The power of regression therapy

•3 major obstacles that keep you from uncovering the source of your clients’ destructive behaviors


Come and learn new ways to thrive in your practice and start making even more impactful change for your clients. You leave with a greater understanding of alternative therapy solutions that will open pathways to great success.

At Alternative Thriving Therapists our mission is to build a global platform of healers. Come and join the movement.

About Christine Alisa :

International speaker, trainer of therapists, and a creative innovator who helps people through radical transformation. As a spiritual teacher I incorporate regression therapy with traditional therapeutic models.

You can find out more about Christine Alisa at:


Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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