Did you ever wish you could understand your child more deeply? Is he or she sometimes puzzling to you?

Do you have a yearning to create a very special connection with your grand child?

Do you wish to see your child expand into his or her true self free of any behavior problems? Do you love your child/children so much that you start to feel that the love you give is nurturing you as well?

I invite you to explore these and many more compelling ideas for the purpose of enriching your life and those around you. My invitation also extends to you by way of my book Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and Past Lives.

The stories in this book are much like these wishes and hopes of ours. One story is of a nine year-old boy whose difficult experience with his biological mom was healed by his loving stepmother who would not give up on him and continually brought him to therapy. It’s a revealing quest of this boy who goes from abused child wanting to kill himself to a flourishing child whose inner strength becomes his outer strength as well. It shows that love, patience, guidance and consistency is more powerful than any trauma. His story unfolds through his own words as he grapples with old pain, anger, birth trauma and past lives with my help explaining along the way the therapy sessions and the process of therapy.

All of us are one even though we find walls to define us as different. As you read the stories of these children, there is an opportunity to relate to the thoughts, feelings and experiences of these young ones who range in age from 2 ½ to 19 years old. Even though these are stories of children, we adults may see a mirror into ourselves. There is nothing that separates us from children but our own restrictive beliefs that we should be ‘grown-up.’ There are really no obstructions between our children and our selves. As we connect with our own fears, blocks and stuck places, we can see clearly into the lens of a child’s pain. Having faith that you and the child can surmount that pain gives us as guardians more assurance that we can do it again. Whether it is listening to a child when he doesn’t make a lot of sense, holding her when she is in distress, allowing him to have his anger and giving him healthy ways to release his anger or letting her and guiding him through a nightmare. All these experiences bring us closer to children and then back to ourselves. Children, of course, also need boundaries, limits and rules along with safety and love, but a listening ear with friendly acknowledgement goes along way.

I have developed a process that includes such things like a traumatic emergency C-Section birth that has left the child feeling emotionally affected. It covers a past life where a girl had been terrified. These are all experiences that can be healed, whether you believe in them or not. They maybe the work of imagination or metaphor, but the telling of these ‘stories’ is all that is needed for childhood fears to disappear. Hearing the child’s own words helps us travel more lightly though their experiences. These words reverberate into our own souls and reward us with a special gift – an invitation to feel the playfulness, humor, earnestness of childhood and the child in you as well.

Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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