Embrace your expansion: Transform your inner Restrictions

Mari Schurian 

When:  November 5th from 2pm – 4pm

Where: Bixby Knolls, Long Beach.
RSVP me (Mari) before Thursday November 3rd at 310 961 8867 – for address

Cost:     $40 for the 2 hour workshop

We are all feeling the change in the air. The winds of change are here – we witness it all over the world. And it is a good thing!
We know that we need to OR go with the flow of change and prosper OR stay behind in frustration.

When we are ambitious, we strive to become better. We set goals that are not easily obtainable. We know we have to set the bar high and stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones in order to expand.

We set the goals, but then … then the inner restrictions surface and we freeze (procrastinate), flee (pleasurable distractions) or fight (self-destructive behaviors). Our inner world (subconscious) is not collaborating with our outer world (conscious mind and will power). Anxiety, panic, overwhelm and paralyzes set in.

What will happen if you make a change that can help you to propel forward toward your expansion?

Come and find out a surprising discovery that might stand in your way of personal expansion and the accompanying solution to overcome it.

In 2 hours you will:

  • Discover the surprise secret that can be the hindrance to your expansion
  • Learn through a hands-on demonstration and experiential exercises how to transform specific, deep-rooted fear and shame beliefs – regarding expansion – with an Energy Psychology protocol.

  • Learn one important question to ask
  • Learn 2 mind-body techniques which will transform your underlying negative and limiting beliefs to positive, affirmative beliefs.
  • Discover your new empowering beliefs regarding expansion

The workshop outline:

• Speed draw a simple mandala to witness your personal level of expansion before the Energy
Psychology intervention

• Get specific – on which level do you need to expand first? Career? Spiritual? Love?

• Watch a demonstration and then explore your own blocks (such as limiting beliefs and negative

emotions) which interfere with your specific expansion level

• Transform your limiting beliefs and associated emotions from negative to positive with an

Energy Psychology (mind-body) method and techniques.

• Redraw your mandala to witness your shift

• Rewrite your new awarenesses: your new empowering beliefs regarding expansion


For more information please contact Mari Schurian

E:  healyourcore@gmail.com


Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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