Our complicated pressured times can overwhelm and stress us.  Some want to avoid the news in order to protect ourselves.  Others feel the need to take action for change; to make an impact and be involved.

In order to remain calm during these times calls on us to bring our attention to the magnificence of the beauty in small moments, in delicate encounters, in the unusual and the dramatically different.  What I am saying is to put new eyes on the things that surprise you and puzzle you rather than lingering in the large, noisy external chaos around you.

We long for connection is a world seemingly set on dividing us.  To remedy this, find your inner power by seeing the very small, the Photo by: Celeste005dimensions of the unperceived, things you have not seen before.  Connect with the simple designs of life.  See yourself in the beauty of nature, daily interactions and little moments.

These refinements are the things we do not always see.  The in-between places where energies are; that is where you want to shine your “vision flashlight.” These energies that come out when we actually look at them can create the connection we yearn for deep inside. Allow yourself to bask in the rawness of life, the truth of life, the magnificence of a single cell, a flower, a baby’s laugh, the breath of sea air.

There is significance in the unseen, the small, the beautiful, in separate moments in the continuing sacrifice of life.  Fill your core with this energy and stay forever curious. Use your powers of observation to allow the calm to enter your soul.

Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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