“I am born with the ability to hear the sound distinctions of every language spoken on Earth.  But by 10 months old my brain wants to recognize the sounds of words in my daily life and I lose that ability.”

“When I am born I’m able to tell the taste of my mother’s milk and the smell of the first breast secretion before milk comes in.  It’s called colostrum.”

“If my mom has been cooking with certain spices while I’m in her tummy, then when I’m born I’ll turn toward that smell.  It means when I get older and can eat solid foods I will like foods with those spices.”

“If you cuddle with me lots and I feel my skin against yours my brain likes it and it calms me down.”

“If you live in a city area with a lot of air pollution like car exhaust, fumes from cigarettes and factory smokestacks, I am twice as likely to be cognitively delayed at age 3 and a lower IQ when I get to Kindergarten.”

“If my diabetic mom takes real good care of herself while I’m growing inside her by controlling her blood sugar levels, I have a better chance of not getting Diabetes when I’m older.”

“if I live in a really poor area and my nutrition isn’t healthy, there is a higher chance that I will have a low birth weight and when I’m all grown up I have a higher chance of getting heart disease.”

“My mother’s moods affect me.  My nervous system is being shaped by my mother’s emotional state.  If she’s stressed a lot, I might be susceptible to anxiety and depression when I’m older.”

“So, please take really good care of me, my intrauterine milieu, my outside world and my mother.  Keep her healthy, eating right and as stress free as possible.”


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