Some children seem to not ‘fit’ into the stream of what we might call the ‘norm’ of child behavior. This is not to say there is any mental illness involved; they are just different. Different children puzzle us with their unusual behaviors. They may be in their own worlds, rarely sharing or expressing themselves. They might be highly active or distractible and labeled Attention Deficit Disorder. They may have highly creative minds that cannot connect with the school system of our day. Their nightmares or phobias might be overwhelming them and their parents.

Regression Therapy – a Good Fit for Children

Regression Therapy, also known as Past Life Therapy­­­ helps these children because it goes to the cause of these maladaptive behaviors and symptoms. These children come into their lives with a predisposition to ‘act out’ the unresolved experiences from their past. Whether that past holds an early trauma in birth, the pre-natal experience, a past life or a repressed memory of trauma, children can ‘recover’ from these symptoms and shed the behaviors.

Some children have been known to have spontaneous memories of past lives such as the story of James Leininger written about in Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger. It is the story of a young boy who begins to tell about a lifetime he had as a World War II pilot. His story, though riveting, is not an uncommon experience for children. Carol Bowman, who has written Children’s Past Lives and Return From Heaven, says, “it is a natural phenomenon.”

Regression Therapy with children as described in my new book, Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Therapeutic Passage Through Traumas and Past Lives, tells the tales of several children who have healed phobias and nightmares, eased the affects of Attention Deficit Disorder, stopped overeating or stealing and removed the affects of abuse with my guidance. By simply telling the story of a past experience, children become empowered and released from the emotional backpacks that have held onto their psyches. My dream is for more children to be helped and live a healthy life.

My own daughter, when she was two and three years old, would scream and cry uncontrollably when she heard and saw fireworks displayed at Disneyland. Her father and I had to run to the nearest gift store and ask the clerk to close the door for us until the fireworks stopped. We learned to prepare for these events by being as far away from the sounds as possible. It was not until I helped her uncover two lifetimes where she was both in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War as a soldier with canons firing and people dying all around her, that she could finally feel relaxed and enjoy fireworks.

Those adults among us who are pursuing a more alternative belief system and approach to healing are now more open to the impact of reincarnation. Many people are opening their consciousness to a variety of possibilities. They are often the parents whose children may be experiencing the affects of past lives and seek out the help of Regression Therapy to clear the source of their children’s discomfort.

However, no belief system is needed for children to feel the benefits of Regression Therapy. Parents need not believe in past lives to be able to see the results of a therapeutic model that eliminates behaviors and allows the child to be happy. Regression Therapy can be available to anyone who just wants a child to be free of pain.

Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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