Have you ever wanted to open your consciousness to the value of child and adolescent therapy?

Children ‘act out’ their fears, negative patterns and symptoms through their behavior.  They develop such diagnosis as Attention Deficit Disorder and anxiety, which is just their way of trying to tell us that something is wrong.  They have the ability to ‘work through’ these issues, which are closer to the surface than adults. Christine has developed therapeutic process that focuses on healing traumas of all kinds originating in past-lives, birth, pre-natal and early childhood.

Father and sonParticipants in this two-day training will experience an overview of the therapeutic process and gain an introductory understanding of the successful techniques that Christine utilizes with children and adolescents.  Included in the training will be a mixture of didactic and experiential exercises. Students will be introduced to the influences of Gestalt Therapy with Children and Adolescents and how child therapy is different from adult therapy.  Learning how to ‘dance’ with the child’s resistance, how to introduce difficult material using a ‘story-telling’ non-invasive process based on past life therapy will be discussed, demonstrated and experienced. How to structure a session through contact skills, creating safety, establishing boundaries and confidentiality will also be included.

Incorporating Christine’s playful, dramatic view of therapy, participants will be encouraged to reveal their ‘inner’ child. There will be experiential sessions utilizing clay and drawing materials.  The expression of feelings especially anger will be explored and demonstrated. Stages of development of the child and the differences in therapy depending on the age of the child will be covered. An actual adolescent therapy session will be shown on DVD as well as demonstrations….

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