Hello and welcome to the online home of Christine Alisa, MS and her new book Turning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and Past LivesThe site is just getting up and running, so check back soon for more updates. In the mean time, a synopsis is as follows:

Turning the Hourglass, Christine Alisa, therapy, childrenTurning the Hourglass: Children’s Passage Through Traumas and Past Lives is a collection of true stories  written from the child’s point of view.  These true stories are actual excerpts of several children’s lives during a time when they were experiencing Christine Alisa’s therapeutic process.  Each chapter in the child’s words is engaging, often poignant and very educational.  The children and adolescents venture on a loving journey of healing through early childhood abuse, diagnoses of ADD or ADHD, learning difficulties, behavioral and anxiety problems along with divorces and differing parental styles.

Christine’s alternative therapeutic approach is described with her addition of Therapist Notes as a way for the reader to understand the healing process.  Her model combines Gestalt Therapy with children and adolescents and Past Life Therapy, enabling the child to uncover and let go of unconscious material.  Christine’s story telling technique leads the child into a process of re-experiencing difficult issues such as early childhood trauma, pre-natal, birth and past-lives while giving them support for expression of self and release of negative patterns.

Christine Alisa: Marriage, Family & Alternative Therapist

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